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Visio Mi Putting Template Black Edition Grade 1

Visio Mi Putting Template Black Edition Grade 1

The Mi Putting Template Black Edition is a literal game changer and is trusted by many of the world’s best players and coaches.

The template provides visual references and markings to help you assess and practice your putting stroke shape, face control and enables clear feedback on your ability to hit your start line.

The Mi Putting Template is precision-made by our team of specialists to deliver accurate feedback on the trajectory of the sweet spot (which determines the path and strike) and the face angle (which is the primary variable that controls direction). The key technical components of the putting stroke.

Practising with the Mi Putting Template will allow you to feel what good mechanics are and take them on the course to hole more putts.

Suitable for right and left-handed golfers.


Key Features

  • New improved design
  • New material for improved durability
  • New visual and kinaesthetic feedback
  • New protective case included


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Template Classifications


The New Series of 5 templates represent the 5 most found arc “sizes”. These different “sizes” also account for the multiple inclined planes and radius combinations. E.g.: 2 players could have different planes but having a different radius also could result in them having the same arc and the same template.

Hence the 5 template sizes can cover a multitude of different strokes from different folks!

Along with the projection of the curvature of the stroke the Mi Putting Template also displays the club face angle of the putter, as it would look if square to the arc of the stroke.

The No 1 classification represents a shallow arc and the No 5 represents a strong arc with a progression in between from 1 to 5.

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