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Golf Forever Swing Training Exercise Equipment

Golf Forever Swing Training Exercise Equipment

“Having a Swing Trainer and program where I know my body can move the correct way I need it to move is very important. My body has felt as good as it has since being a professional.”

– 2021-22 PGA Tour Player of the Year, Scottie Scheffler, who started using GolfForever daily just weeks before his first win and rise to World No. 1.


Over 200 tour pros now use GolfForever to play golf without limits, with more players trusting our program and products like the Swing Trainer every week. We appreciate when our mass PGA Tour adoption is recognized by the media, such as in 

Golfweek’s recent article, which listed GolfForever as its top exercise solution for recovery when traveling to handle your golf trips just like the pros at a tournament. 

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