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SuperSpeed Squeeze

SuperSpeed Squeeze

The best players in the world can create significantly more grip strength than amateur golfers. This allows these players to not only create more speed, but also improves their ability to control the golf club, create lag, stabilize the club face, and deal with lies in the rough.

  • Use less grip pressure compared to your maximum capacity.
  • Less tension and the ability to optimize the use of your hands and arms in the golf swing.
  • Fits over the grip of your own club or SuperSpeed club.
  • Simple and effective protocol training instructions in as little as 4 weeks.




Dr. Tyler Standifird of Utah Valley University has been instrumental in assisting with the development of the Squeeze protocol and the initial research on the results of the training. His initial study involved only four weeks of training three times per week and showed an increase of 6% in grip strength and 1.5 mph in swing speed.

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